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The Welsh Government funding for Universe in the Classroom ended in June 2018. We have left this site available as an archive of the project.

About Us

Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy is reaching out to primary schools and communities across Wales, hoping to spark a curiosity about the Universe in young children.

Universe in the Classroom is an initiative that provides improved teaching methods and innovative tools to modernise and enhance the way STEMM subjects (science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics) are taught to young children. As well as inspirational school workshops, the programme offers STEMM teacher training to Welsh primary school teachers to ensure have the confidence and knowledge to use the new resources, which includes a programme of activities using robotic telescopes, Universe-in-a-Box educational toolkits and dozens of enquiry-based learning activities.

To carry out this ambitious project, which plans to reach 60,000 children over a decade, Universe in the Classroom has recruited a diverse team of enthusiastic science undergraduates and postgraduates from Cardiff University to act as Stellar Role Models (STARS) and demonstrate to the next generation that science is for everyone. These volunteers have already organised and hosted dozens of astronomy workshops for children and are now putting emphasis on exploring the cosmos in classrooms with the Las Cumbres Observatory robotic telescope network.

Impact Figures

Impact Figures 03/2016

Participating Primary Schools 105
Teachers Trained 139
Children Reached Directly 23100
Stellar Role Models 39
School Workshops Hosted 41
Teacher Workshops Hosted 14
Children Reached Indirectly 9871
Progress Report 2014-2015

Stellar Role Models

To carry out the ambitious goals of Universe in the Classroom, we invite enthusiastic science undergraduates to volunteer as Stellar Role Models (STARS). Participants help organise and run twilight training workshops for teachers, continuing professional development (CPD) days and astronomy workshops for children.

By taking part in the project, STEMM students offer a diverse pool of representatives; including Welsh-speakers, female scientists and a range of ethnic groups and backgrounds, who will tackle diversity and gender issues in science and technology across Wales and broaden young children’s ideas of who can be a scientist at an age where impressions can become fixed.

Find out more about the our school workshops, the STARS scheme and how to get involved

Get Involved

If you’re an educator interested in participating in a Universe in the Classroom event, want us to visit your school or have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

If you’re a STEM student studying at Cardiff University and want to take part in the STARS programme, you can register your interest via our online form at http://goo.gl/yLkZTN.


This project is funded by the Welsh Government National Science Academy and is run in partnership with Cardiff University, Universe Awareness and Las Cumbres Observatory.