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The Welsh Government funding for Universe in the Classroom ended in June 2018. We have left this site available as an archive of the project.


To help you inspire and educate young students with the wonders of the cosmos, created the Universe in the Classroom activity book. You can access the full Universe in the Classroom Activity Book here or explore the individual activities below.

Enquiry-based learning techniques were taken into consideration in the design of each activity, and all necessary scientific information is included, along with a step-by-step walk through, so that you can implement the activities without carrying out any background research.

Messier Bingo
How Light Travels
Light Sources
Human Eye vs. Robotic Telescope
Space Scoop Storytelling
Size of the Solar System
Build a Model Telescope
Design a Galaxy
Galaxy Shape Poem
Discover Time Zones
The Hemisphere
Dark Skies and Light Pollution
Build Your Own Star Map