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Robotic Telescope Screencasts

To make using the telescopes as simple as possible we have created a series of screencasts. The first instalment will walk you through how to observe with the telescopes, the second shows you how to add colour to your pictures of space and the third video answers all your frequently asked questions. You can watch these videos below or find them on Youtube using the links provided.

How to Observe with the LCO Robotic Telescopes

Learn how to observe with the Las Cumbres Observatory robotic telescopes using the new Valhalla Interface.

How to Colour Astronomical Images

Learn how to turn your black and white observations into stunning full colour images using a free browser application called Pixlr (www.pixlr.com).

Robotic telescopes, observing, and distances in space

What is a robotic telescope? How far can we see with telescopes? What are the benefits of a global network?