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We’ve created a dedicated website called Serol’s Cosmic Explorers that uses robotic telescopes takes students on a journey to become a real cosmic explorer!


Serol invites children to practise scientific skills while learning about our place in the Universe and leaning about the wonders of the cosmos.

Throughout their journey, students will use the Las Cumbres Observatory’s robotic telescopes to collect data from a variety of cosmic objects, before being challenged to analyse, investigate and drawing conclusions about their targets.


The journey to become a cosmic explorer is made up of three missions, which cover a series of astronomical targets (e.g. planets, asteroids or galaxies). To complete a challenge you must carry out a series of tasks including observe a target object, identify your image, analyse the data and investigate your findings. The missions are:

  1. Get to know your cosmic neighbours
  2. The life and times of stars
  3. The Universe at large

For every challenge you complete, students will earn an exclusive badge to prove they’ve mastered a new skill and gone up a level on the way to becoming a cosmic explorer. To conquer a mission, you’ll need to collect all five challenge badges, you’ll then be awarded one of three unique mission patches.


Get Involved

To take part we recommend scheduling around 10-minutes at the start or end of a lesson once or twice a week. This time can be used to complete one or two tasks. The tasks should be completed at the front of the class, with them contributing as a group.

To use the robotic telescopes you will need an LCO account. If you are a Welsh primary school educator and do no yet have access to the network, or if you have any issues accessing your account, contact the Universe in the Classroom project coordinator at [email protected]


Serol’s Cosmic Explorers is a resource designed based on teacher feedback throughout the 4-year Universe in the Classroom programme. The resources are designed for you, with your comments in mind, so please contact us with your feedback at [email protected].