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Universe in a Box

Universe-in-a-Box is an educational kit designed by the Universe Awareness project to assist educators in bringing astronomy and space sciences to 4–11 year old children. The toolkit was developed in response to a demand for practical, interactive and fun resources for bringing astronomy into the classroom.

In 2014, Universe in the Classroom handed 100 free Universe-in-a-Box toolkits to selected primary schools across Wales, providing teachers and educators with over 40 practical activities, as well as the materials and models required to do them.

Universe-in-a-Box toolkit includes all the hands-on materials needed to carry out over 40 astronomy education materials.

The comprehensive activity book includes all necessary background information, “how-to” steps, guidance on further experimentation and craft templates to cover five modules in the classrom:

  • Our Fascinating Moon,
  • The Earth: Our Home Planet,
  • The Sun: Our Home Star,
  • Our Solar System,
  • The World of Constellations.

The Universe-in-a-Box Activity Book is available online at http://www.unawe.org/resources/universebox/

Universe in a Box

A DIY guide has been created to allow users to build their own Universe-in-a-Box kit using cheap, accessible materials. The Universe-in-a-Box DIY Guide can be found at: http://unawe.org/resources/guides/universeinaboxdiyguide/

Throughout 2014 we carried out a number of teacher training workshops based around Universe-in-a-Box, you can explore the content of the workshop below.

Universe in the Classroom Phase 1: Teacher Training Presentation from Universe_in_the_Classroom